Role of Indian Intelligence/security agencies and parts of media is suspicious during Trudeau visit

Government agencies conspired to brand Sikhs as separatists : GK

New Delhi (26 February, 2018) Role of Indian intelligence/security agencies, a few media groups and former extremist Jaspal Atwal during Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s visit to India is suspicious. This was claimed here today by Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee president Manjit Singh GK during a press conference. He said that yesterday his photos with Atwal taken at Rakabganj gurudwara had gone viral. We had the information that Atwal’s name was removed from the Black List in July 2017. As DSGMC had played a major role in pruning of the Black List of Sikhs and Atwal came to meet and thank him. “When we started investigating to find out the reasons and motives behind the making that photo viral, then surprising things came out,” he said.

GK told that during investigations by them it came out that Atwal on his Facebook had posted information along with photo of BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli, who is also holding important official positions in the central government bodies, that he would be guest on a radio talk show on radio Media Waves with which Atwal was working. After that Atwal was in Delhi on 1 February, 2017 which could be verified from his FB account, on which he had posted pictures taken during his visit to Gurudwara Rakabganj in Delhi, Lal Qila, a five start hotel and Darbar Sahib Amritsar. After this Atwal came to India again in July 2017. On July 2017 Atwal posted a picture of his photo with cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father. After that on 19 August, 2017 Atwal uploaded his status of travelling from Chennai to Guwahati.

GK questioned that if Atwal was a Khalistani terrorist then how did come to India in July 2017? “What is his friendship with Nalin Kohli? How did he reach highly guarded Lal Qila, North Block & South Block? GK said there is strong suspicion that Indian intelligence/security agencies hatched a conspiracy to sabotage Justin Trudeau’s visit to India so that he could be branded a Khalistan supporter.GK said that demand of Khalistan had finished 25 years back. In case the Sikhs wanted Khalistan they could have taken when Punjab was till Gurgaon border. Rejecting the offer of British, Master Tara Singh, who was leader of the Sikhs, decided to stay with India. He also claimed that to brand Sikhs as separatists role of Punjab government was also there along with central agencies. Some prominent journalists and news websites collaborated with them and printed baseless stories.

GK said that it should be investigated and that at whose behest Shkehar Gupta and his website The Print, Barkha Dutt of Niira Radia Tapes fame, who wrote an article in Washington Post, and Outlook magazine published biased and unfair articles to link Trudeau’s visit with terrorists. These journalists have even damaged the image of the country by writing baseless and highly biased articles. He mentioned that it was same Shekhar Gupta who indulged in sensationalism by giving a provocative heading to an article by Taslima Nasreen , who later exposed him. He also said that let Barkha Dutt explain Niira Radia tapes before painting Sikhs of India and especially the Sikh politicians of Canada with black brush in international media.GK also raised questions on Punjab government which has been exposed that it misquoted Trudeau on Quebec and the issue of Khalistani separatists and latter had termed Punjab government’s statement false. It is clear that conspiracy was hatched by agencies to brand Sikhs as Khalistanis and now this has been proved by facts and sequence of events.

DSGMC chief also said that Ujjal Dosanjh’s comments on photos of Atwal with Trudeau’s wife during an event in India showed Dosanjh’s duplicity and hypocrisy. He disclosed that it was Dosanjh who had sent Atwal to another Canadian MP Don Bell for helping him to get Indian visa in 2006. He said that in 1986 Canada had expelled four Indian officials from Indian consulate in Canada for spying on Sikhs and the Indian consulate there has been continuously ignoring Punjabis. Recently Indian consulate interfered in the Punjabi pavilion during a big cultural fair.

Replying to a question, Asked if he considered Atwal a terrorist, GK said he does not consider him a terrorist as he had already served his sentence. He rather questioned those calling Atwal a terrorist will they use the same word for Sanjay Dutt, Sadhvi Pragya, Swami Assemanand. And are Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar not terrorists?

Manjit Singh GK held a press conference where he addressed several major issues which have made the news recently from Jaspal Atwal to Indian media calling Sikhs terrorists.

Manjit Singh GK spoke to the media and stated that Sikhs are getting labelled as terrorists in a planned conspiracy to discredit Sikh achievements worldwide. In the issue of Jaspal Atwal, he stated that the man was taken off the black list by India and was used to cause a distraction to Trudeau’s India visit.

Manjit Singh GK said, “this was done to ruin the tour of Trudeau in India.”

“When Sikhs are to benefit, we always get labelled as terrorists. Agencies create controversies when Sikhs are to benefit”

Manjit Singh GK stated that whenever Sikhs are to benefit they are labelled as terrorists and Khalistani and the agencies deliberately due this to bring a bad name to the community. GK called out the media and put a direct blame on them for creating unnecessary issues to discredit Sikhs.

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