Manjit Singh GK Hears Anger from Sikh Sangat in Delhi

Sikh sangat protested in large numbers against DSGMC Head Manjit Singh GK in Tilak Vihar Gurdwara Sahib just as he was about to address the sangat. Despite Sikhs protesting by saying “Satnam Wahe Guru” Manjit Singh GK can be heard praising Akali Dal’s achievements in the 1947.

The Sangat expressed their frustration particularly for Manjit Singh GK supporting the Akal Takht Jathedar’s pardon (later revoked) to the Dera Sauda Sadh.

Sikhs throughout Punjab have expressed their unhappiness over the ruling party for their inability to bring culprits to justice. Rather innocent brothers were arrested and falsely framed.

A good amount of the sangat walked out of the Dabar hall and refused to hear Manjit Singh GK.

Major Protest Against Manjit Singh GK by dailysikhupdates


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