Manjinder Sirsa Slaps 1984 Genocide Convict

Manjinder Singh Sirsa of the Akali Dal slapped 1984 Genocide convict in the Patiala house court.

The Akali Dal MLA later on, “They killed innocent people in 1984. Still they are roaming around as goons. They were raising slogans that they will make us remember 1984 riots.”

Senior advocate H S Phoolka, who appeared for the victims, condemned the incident, saying “these kinds of incidents are likely to adversely affect the case of the victim. Everyone should control their emotions and maintain peace within the court premises”.

Mr. Sirsa wrote on Twitter:
It’s been 34 years Sikhs await justice

Goons of @INCIndia rub salts on our injuries and threaten us of repeating #1984SikhGenocide

We will not tolerate injustice anymore. I have filed a criminal complaint against the goon elements present in Delhi Patiala Court today.


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