A man named Karna Ray video taped a man vandalizing a Sikh Gurdwara.

The man wrote on his Facebook:

“Yesterday I caught this man vandalizing the Hollywood Sikh Temple in Los Feliz. I’ll leave a photo of what he wrote in full, but before he walked away he wrote “10,000, 24,000 fucking nuke sikhs.” He was brazen enough to be unfazed about being filmed. As he walked away, I pursued him to ask him his name and why he did what he did, and after a few blocks he flashed a razor and threatened to slit my throat.

I followed him to an address at the corner of Vermont and Ambrose, where he slipped into a car park. I called the police and stayed to make sure he didn’t run, but he must have found an exit through the back of the car park.

The police showed up an hour later to the gurdwara. I offered them pictures and video. They didn’t seem interested in taking anything other than my information. They wore shoes in the gurdwara.

The sirjis felt that if their temple was understood, it wouldnt have been vandalized. They absorbed the trauma with love. I fear that their love will go punished.
If you know this man please contact the police. Write me if you need any further details
Edit: we have identification!! Thank you everybody!”

He wrote on the wall:

“I know I was given sweet bread last year at this Sikh temple but at age of 12 Sikhs stabbed me with a Sikh dagger in my *jewish star* *triangle* dream *another symbol*. The same one I found in here doing tourist shit one day before (something) I didn’t dream yet Mohammed caused Arhyan Jesus (Hesus, JeĊ›van – as you all bad prophecy write my name!), son of Mariam Birthgiver to God’s son the Father & Adopted Son Creator st. Joseph (market?) & pre-flood as only creator Son, God Fathers.

Father of Micheal, my Russian Tajakhazaki son Arc God son.”

In another area of the Gurdwara it states “Nuke f*ucking Sikhs” which can be seen from the video posted on Facebook.

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