Mandeep Punia Documents Farmers and learns of Bravery of Sikhs While in Jail

Independent journalist Mandeep Punia, arrested by Delhi Police, has said that he has been arrested for recording the problems of migrant laborers.

Mandeep said that he was beaten up a lot by the Delhi Police. Punia said that he was rotated in 3-4 police stations of Delhi Police.

He was medically administered by the Delhi Police at 2 o’clock. At 3.30 pm, the Delhi Police closed them in lockup. Punia said that BJP workers were among those who threw stones at the Singhu border.

Delhi Police says that Mandeep Punia was arrested on charges of misbehavior with policemen.

In the interview, he states that he learned quite a bit about the bravery of Sikhs from farmers who were imprisoned in the jail with him. He stated he learned about Punjabi folklores.

He further stated that he got the opportunity to document on the farmers who were in the jail and he wrote all the information on his leg.