Outside the National Green Tribunal, The Quint’s reporter was speaking with environmental activist, Vimlendu Jha, when Hindu Mahasabha’s Dr Swami Omjee interrupted the interview. Vimlendu Jha had created an online petition in an attempt to halt the World Culture Festival.
For opposing the event, Omjee called Vimlendu anti-Indian, anti-national, a traitor and a terrorist. He even went as far as to give him a death threat. When Vimlendu tried to remind him that he was on camera and all that he was saying was being recorded, it didn’t stop him. In return, he said, “I am not worried. I don’t care”.

He claimed to be a supporter of the Art of Living. But when The Quint spoke to the Art of Living foundation, they said they didn’t know who Swami Omjee is.

The man has a history. An independent candidate from New Delhi who contested against Arvind Kejriwal, he had earlier threatened to kill him. On IBN’s evening debate show ‘Aaj Ka Mudda’, he was seen slapping a self-proclaimed astrologer, Deepa Sharma.

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