Man Who Killed Elderly Sikh Released Due to Not Enough Evidence

A man named Anthony Kreiter Rhoads was released with charges of killing a 64 year old Sikh man named Parmjit Singh. The judge at the San Joaquin County office stated there wasn’t enough evidence to convict the suspect.

What happened?

In August of 2019, Mr. Singh was taking a walk at Gretchen Talley Park in the city of Tracy, California when he was stabbed to death. A police officer arrived at the scene and found Parmjit to be dead at the scene. The stab wound immediately led to Singh’s death along with receiving wounds on his hand.

The only witness at the scene told the judge he couldn’t make an accurate assumption of the persons face.

The only video evidence was a blurry video which showed a man with a t-shirt and shorts fleeing the scene but it was not clear on who the man was. Police identified a Honda Civic car at the scene and it’s driver arrived around 5am to pick up the car.

The car led the police to the residence of the suspect and his house was searched where 3 knives were found. The police also confiscated the phone of the man and found from his GPS that he went back and forth to the park at night.

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