On December 28, 2017, a man with his brother tried to kill his wife by kicking her into the river but instead lost his footings and fell in himself. The incident occurred at the Rajasthan Canal near Holawali. Husband Anwar Singh and his brother Nachatar Singh planned to kill the wife after a marriage of 7 years according to a police complaint filed by the wife named Komal Masiah.

The well planned incident was revealed by Komal at the Ferozpur police station where she filed the complaint. The woman said she was pushed into the water and somehow landed back at the shore.  Anwar started to kick her from shore to have the water take her back into the canal. However, as he was kicking a strong wave of water came and drew him into the canal also. Komal managed to get herself back onto shore while the husband was swept away.

The brother Nachatar watch the incident play out and ran for his life.

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