(DSU News Bureau) A video has surfaced on social networks showing a man doing drugs inside a bathroom at Gurdwara Sahib in Slough, UK. The man appears to be doing a drug named heroin inside the toilet room. The drug problem among Punjabis is doesn’t just exist in Punjab but very prevalent in the UK aswel.

It is not known whether the man taping the video took any action regarding the sacrilege at a religious place, but the video has been brought to the attention of the Gurdwara committee.

The sangat should be aware of what’s happening inside the Gurdwara Sahib so that through awareness these addicts can be treated.

Sikhs on social networks expressed the following views:

Tarlochan Singh Khalsa This is another example of how bad a time the Panth is going through. We must support each other and reach out to those that need help, emotional, physical and psychological. Be good role models and aspire to become one with Guru Jis hukam. No one is perfect so let’s look at the good in people and those that need help support them. Many will say this is disgraceful and unacceptable and it is both things.. But remember; when pointing a finger at others three point back at us. Bhul chuk maaf Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Scott Blake The gurdwara sahib ji is a heavenly place of worship if he wants to take drugs he can but in his own time and not in the gurdwara sahib where it is a total lack of disrespect of the guru and the sangat ji.

Narinder Sangha How devastating it must be for his family to see this. Of course it’s a bad situation but he needs help not to be judged. Of course all the people on here who are chastising this man, have clearly never set a foot wrong or done anything that could be frowned upon. Hmm I wonder. Instead of kicking someone when they’re down try picking them up.

Romy Singh This is most common problem these days in Southall gurdwaras too . People have caught them , told them politely , beat them … Nothing has worked …. I was so impressed to see some Sikh shopkeepers have refused to keep some of the items in their shelves as th lot buy it and use them in gurudwaras … I suggest some of the people should come forward in small teams and work together to help this problem…

HS Singh I agree with how bad this is, and also agree we need to help them too. Drugs is such a big problem in our community. But what is the difference between this guy and the people whom turn up to the Gurughar from a party from the night before. We also need to educate about this.

Pritham Singh Call the police, just because people go to the Gurduara doesn’t mean they are a Sikh. He’s using the Gurduara as a place of safety. Call the police make him do his drugs out in the streets. He can’t argue or retaliate against a police officer……..

Man Doing dugs in Gurdwara Bathroom by dailysikhupdates

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