Man Pays People To Protest Against Bhagwant Mann in Vancouver (Video)

A man by the name of Jagmandeep Singh was video taped paying Canadian citizens to protest outside a Program of Bhagwant Mann in Vancouver, Canada. When asked, the man openly said he was hiring “paid volunteers” to protest against Bhagwant Mann. He said he has a right to hire people to protest and that he’s providing employment to Canadians.

He first published information to hire people on a popular site called Craigslist. People looking for employment arrived at the program venue and he paid the people on the spot and took down their names. ┬áHe stated on craigslist that he’s paying people forty dollars for 2 hours of work against Bhagwant Mann due to “illegal Immigration”

this is jagmandeep singh he paid mainstream people to come on the protest against bhagwant maan

Rajbir Bharowal Broke this story

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