Man Offered to Send His Son Down Borewell to Rescue Fatehveer But NDRF Denied

New information from the terrible tragic death of Fatehveer has come to the surface. Politics appears to be the main cause for the death of Fatehveer Singh as government agencies attempted to take credit from the rescue operation.

The locals have told the media that many people came to offer help in the rescue efforts but the administration incharge and the NDRF refused logical solutions. One man from Rajasthan came with his son who works in the circus. He stated that he takes responsibility for his own son’s life but he was confident that he was able to bring Fatehveer back.

The NDRF sought to benefit from the rescue operations denied the honest gesture by the man from Rajasthan. The man was sent back as his services were denied.

Another local person offered to send their daughter into the borwell to recover Fatehveer Singh and that too was denied.

The locals told a reporter that an expert in the field was available but since he refused to wear NDRF suit he was denied as NDRF sought to benefit.

Many reasonable options were on the table but due to mere greed by NDRF and administration simple techniques were denied.

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