This video taken from CCTV footage from a Gurdwara Sahib was shared online by the Gurdwara managerment which shows a man inside the Darbar Sahib bowing to pay his respects in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

The man is seen pulling money out of the golak and it’s not known whether the man was a Sikh or not.

The man must have been in need of money and so he borrowed the money from the Golak. The man will probably return the money after using it for his needs. The act can’t be considered stealing because the true situation and or condition of the man isn’t known. It’s not known whether he returned the money at a later time but we must assume it was for important needs.

Whilst others have commented on Social Media saying that he could be homeless or in need of money, in which case it would have been better to ask for help instead of just taking the money. Others have also stated its better that someone in need take the money rather than it be misused by the Gurdewara committee.

Man in Need Burrows From Golak by dailysikhupdates

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