Several gun shots were fired around noon today at a Gurdwara Sahib in Chapeltown Road, Chapeltown. No one was reported injured by bullet marks were seen on several vehicles parked alongside the Gurdwara.

The suspect managed to escape the the scene but shortly after he collided his vehicle with a 70 year old man. The elderly man was injured and the suspect was later arrested.

Detective Inspector Phil Jackson, of Leeds District CID, said: “This is clearly a very serious incident where shots have been discharged in a busy street on a bank holiday afternoon when a number of members of the public were in the area. From initial accounts, we believe a man has got out of a car and fired a number of shots towards another vehicle before being driven away from the scene.”

The incident wasn’t related to anyone from the Gurdwara and the shooting coincidentally happened outside of the premises.

Via: Yorkshireeveningpost

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