A man hiding in the undercarriage of a British Airlines flight who fell from 30,000 feet was found dead on top of an office buildings.

The man hid inside the undercarriage from South Africa for the 8,000 mile journey along with his friend who managed to survive after being found by the cargo workers.

The man fell out of the plain after the wheels were released as it came into landing at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The mirror reported:
The desperate man was found on the roof of a busy high street shop with his feet sticking out an air conditioning unit after falling from the sky.

Aviation experts have been left astonished as to how the other man had survived the perilous journey, suggesting he somehow put his body into a state of hibernation.

The man, whose identity or nationality has not been released, is in hospital in a critical condition after suffering multiple injuries.

Aviation expert and test pilot Simon Sparkes said the survival of a stowaway on an airline is a remarkable feat which would normally require a great deal and pre-planning and knowledge.

He said: “Just getting to an aircraft would require breaching the security of an airport but this is really insignificant when one considers the challenges of actually finding somewhere to hide and then surviving.

“The wheel area of an airline sits outside the area that is pressurised and fed with oxygen and has some very large moving parts to stay clear of.

“Once in the wheel compartment a stowaway would have to position himself to avoid these parts as the wheels come up after take-off, and then get into a position to sit out the 12 hour flight from South Africa.

“The lucky survivor is almost certain to have frostbite and given the hypoxia may even have brain damage to go with it and thats before one considers any trauma injuries having been bashed around by the aircraft gear.”

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