” “We need to change the way we develop our religious places

We hope and pray that no one else ever dies in the Gurudwara due to lack of amenities and does not face the fate that we had to.

Our beloved Harpal Singh Bindra passed away on the 18th of October 2017, at the young age of 56.

On the 18th, he went to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib after work hours, as was his daily routine. As he kneeled to pray, he had a massive silent attack, and fell over.

He laid there for a long time without medical help. Several eye witnesses have informed us that he was still breathing even fifteen to twenty minutes after the attack but no attempt was made to give him first aid. It took the people a long time to take him to hospital (as there was no stretcher available) where he was declared dead on arrival.

Precious time was lost because Gurudwara Sahib does not have basic facilities or trained personnel to deal with medical emergencies.
Thousands of people of all ages and with all sorts of medical conditions visit Bangla Sahib each day. Harpal Singh was young and healthy with no previous medical history, but there are innumerable heart patients and diabetics who could be in urgent need of medical care. This sort of emergency can and will happen again. What is the use of plastering gold on the domes of Gurudwara Sahib when precious human life has no value?

Isn’t this a betrayal of the teachings of the Gurus who treated each person with respect and dignity?
It’s high time we set our priorities right.

The excuse we were given is that the dispensary inside Gurudwara Sahib closes at 5 p.m.

Before we spend enormous amount of donations made by sangat on changing interiors which are already eye-catching, shouldn’t we be focused towards equipping our gurudwaras with medical facilities like stretchers, oxygen cylinders & masks, 24-hours doctor and training our sevadars on providing first-aid help like CPR in such cases?

We have lost our family member forever, who probably could have been saved had he been provided first aid.

Because we hope and pray that no one else ever dies in the Gurudwara premises due to lack of concern that was meted out to Harpal Singh, we hope and pray that no other life is ever snuffed out because of lack of amenities at Gurudwara Sahib.

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