In one of the most rare medical events to have occurred, a 50 year old man survived despite his heart stopping for nearly 50 minutes. A business man from Ahmedabad named Rajendra Patel underwent Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Rajendra was subjected to 100 chest compressions to revive his heart and later went through an emergency angioplasty.

For nearly 50 minutes, chest compression and electric shocks revived the man’s heart back up and he survived in the incident.

A number of specialists were communicating with the doctors at the hospital he was admitted through phone and instant messaging service called What’sApp.

“I was in constant touch with Dr Saxena over the phone and WhatsApp, assisting him in the prolonged CPR. The patient even went into a coma and chances of his brain revival were lowered because blood was not reaching his brain,” Dr Singhvi said to The Times of India.

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