Man Claims SGPC Member Stole Items from Sikh Reference Library

Respected Sikh historian Sardar Anurag Singh has revealed that stolen 1984 Sikh Reference Library artifacts were returned but again stolen by the SGPC member Manjit Singh Calcutta. The new findings shed light on SGPC’s claims that the Indian government never returned any artifacts. However, the SGPC is involved in a major conspiracy by it’s own members on keeping the precious articles.

The SGPC often issues public statements calling on the Indian Government to return precious Sikh historical artifacts but has never revealed the exact truth.

Sardar Anurag Singh revealed the truth in the following statement:

Hare is the News Paper Report,which Mr.Calcutta denied to Canadian Radio in an interview.It is a part of my 350 pages document which was submitted to SGPC in February 2009,and Tarlochan Singh M.P. issued a press statement.
This document clearly refers to the 28 Hukamnamas delivered and new accession No was given,but now no Hukamnama is available in the Sikh Reference Library.
Let these gentlemen who create controversy after ctroversy to keep the real issues of Panthic Agenda under carpet now come clean on this naked truth and tell the Sikh Panth,where are these rare manuscripts AND heritage of the Sikhs.
Gur Fateh

Sardar Anurag Singh also published the news reports of the time re-affirming his statement:

An important document released by Dr. Anurag Singh shows that the CBI’s investigation revealed that many of the items were returned to the SGPC in 1990 and that the CBI was holding just 5 of the many documents returned.

Sikh Reference in 1984

According to Dr. Anurag Singh here are some of items missing from the Sikh Reference Library:

-28 Hukamnamas of the Sikh Gurus and holy Mothers.
-185 Codices of Guru Granth Sahib.
-One rare Codex of Dasam Granth with pages written by Guru Sahib, but Golden Codex (Sunaiheri Bir) is available.
-One historical manuscript, called Baba Kaladhari Di Pothi of Bhai Mani Singh’s Bhagat Ratanavali (1734CE), on the basis of which Prof. Dharam Chand Batish did his Ph.D under Dr Surinder Singh Kohli.
-One rare decorated Janamsakhi of Guru Nanak Dev ji, and now in USA.
-Paintings of Sikh Ajaib Ghar, taken away by the army to retouch and restore them, taken and returned under proper receipt. Sothbee was forced to defer the auction of –one painting of Maharaja Ranjit Singh when they came to know that it is stolen.

One of the most important Sikh manuscripts, the Damdami Bir signed by Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji was also stolen and sold:

Further evidence of Manjit Singh Calcutta on his grand cover up:

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