The 5 Jathedars met at Sri Akal Takht Sahib and gave a religious punishment to Sikander Maluka. Giani Gurbachan Singh announced that Maluka deserved a seva as a punishment for distorting the Sikh Ardas at his election office inauguration at Rampur Phul.

The punishment included seva at Sri Darbar Sahib, to clean shoes at Jorha Ghar, donations to Akal Takht in the form of money. He was told to do Akhand Paath Sahib and to spend maximum time listening to gurbani.

Giani Gurbachan Singh stated that Sikander Singh Maluka was in violation of Sikh Code of Conduct and that the religious punishment of listening to Gurbani, seva of dishes at different Takhts, and donations were needed to be made.

Sikander Singh Maluka stated that he accepts the punishment and his mistake.

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