Justifying the decision,SGPC President Avtar Singh Makkar told reporters that the action was taken as the executive concluded that their activities over the past two to three months had done damage to the Panth. Besides, they had violated discipline code by which all SGPC employees were bound, he added.

He made it clear that the Panj Pyaras might be directly under the Dharam Prachar Committee but they were employees of the SGPC, and hence governed by the SGPC service rules.

“Their task is to perform the ‘amrit sanchar’ceremony and lead religious procession on important occasions. However, they overstepped their jurisdiction and indulged in activities that were not in the interests of the Panth. They caused a great deal of confusion in the Sikh community,” he added.

Makkar justification on Panj Pyare by punjabspectrum

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