The shooting of new film ‘Bhai Jaita’ Ji has been cancelled until further notice following social media protests. Gippy Grewal was lead in the film which would portray the story of Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji on the silver screen. Many on social media weren’t happy with the film being made and so the producers decided to call off the plans.

The film’s poster was released online and met with mixed reactions, while some praised the making of the film, others weren’t happy. The response from Panthic groups was that no human should be allowed to play the role of Bhai Jaita Ji. The makers of the film had received approvals from the SGPC and will now meet with various Panthic groups on how to proceed further.

The makers of the film will make the final decision after meeting with all groups and decide on what to do but as of now the makers have called off the film until further notice.

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