The Sikh Youth Federation collectively organized an event called Turban Up to spread awareness about the Sikh turban and Sikh Principles. The 2 annual event occurred on Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto and attracted thousands of people in the busy square.

A Singh interviewed said, ” It’s a fun way to explain to others what the Sikh turban significance and what Sikhi is about. For me Turban signifies identity, so for a Sikh our main purpose is to serve others and you can identify us in a sea of crowd.”

The Sikh Youth Federation tied an estimated 5-6,000 turbans. The Singh pointed out another concept of Sikhi is langar which stands for equality because everyone deserves the right to food.

The hashtag Turban Up trended on twitter with people posting pictures of Turban’s they got tied at the event.

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