Major Road in the UK Could Be Renamed after Guru Nanak

A road in West London, named after the British Army general could be renamed after the founder of Sikhism as part of a wider push to recognize the UK’s diversity and address the more pernicious aspects of Britain’s colonial past.

Havelock Road in Southall is named after Sir Henry Havelock who is widely considered a military visionary for his systematic dismantling of the Revolt of 1857, also known as first Indian war of Independence from the rapacious rule of the East India Company.

On Tuesday it was revealed that a consultation is underway which could lead to road being renamed Guru Nanak Road.

Southall is home to a large Sikh community and Havelock Road is home to the Sri Guru Singh Sabha, which is considered the largest Gurdwara in the world outside India…

…“As the Member of Parliament for Ealing Southall and a Councillor for 25 years before that I have often been ashamed the names of empire still pervade our streets. I have long campaigned for schools to teach more about our Imperial past, not just the great strides made but also the shameful thuggery and violence, names like Havelock belong in books, classrooms and museums, not on the streets to be celebrated,” Sharma said.

“The community should come together to decide how we rename this road, but celebrating Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his 550th anniversary, and erasing a white man who killed Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus, would be a sign of our multiculturalism and our diversity,” he added. ‘a sign of our multiculturalism’: UK’s Havelock Road, named after general who dismantled India’s first war for Independence, to be renamed Guru Nanak Marg

A consultation to rename Havelock road will begin “very shortly”, according to Councillor Bell.

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