(DSU News Bureau) Sikh Sangat protested outside Strawberry Hill Cinemas in Surrey, Canada despite withdrawal of the film by Producer Harinder Sikka last week. The cinema owners sited distribution contracts preventing the film from being taken off screen.


However, Sikh community sentiments were hurt after the Cinema continued to show the film despite official withdrawal announcements. Sikhs staged protested outside the Cinema Hall in heavy numbers and protests will be ongoing until the film is taken off screen.

A person present at the protests posted the following message:

“Urgent message – Nanak shah Fakir is a movie that has personified Guru Nanak Dev Ji – and due to this being directly against the hukam of our guru’s and the outcry from Sikh sangat, it has now been officially banned worldwide by the producer himself.

After discussions with guild ford cinemas last week they agreed to stop all movie showings immediately. However after many conversations with The management of Strawberry Hill Cinemas they have refused to do so – citing distribution contracts. We are requesting all sangat to gather at 72nd Ave & 122 St (Strawberry hill cinemas)at 3:15 in order to let management know how strongly the community feels and to bring awareness before the next showing today. Humbly, sevadaars. ” Gagan Singh

Videos Via Ragbhir Singh Bharowal:

Sikhs protest outside surrey cinema by dailysikhupdates

Major Protest Outside Surrey Cinema Hall by dailysikhupdates

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