HS Phoolka broke the news of the lie detector machine malfunctioning while the test was being conducted on Jagdish Tytler by the CBI.

Manjit Singh GK has put the blame on the AAP stating that they should’ve verified the machines.

The CBI stated that during the last day of the test a part of the machine part that broke down will be ordered from America and will be re conducted.

Manjit Singh GK on the Lie Detector controversy:

Jagdish Tytler (b. 11 January 1944 as Jagdish Kumar Kapoor) is an Indian National Congress politician and former member of the Parliament of India.He is most controversial politician having accused in 1984 Sikh Riots. He was the Minister of State for Overseas Indian Affairs, a position he resigned from after an official commission of inquiry noted the ‘balance of probability’ indicated he was accused of inciting and leading murderous mobs against the Sikh community in Delhi after Sikh bodyguards assassinated Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the 1984 anti-Sikh Genocide, a charge he denies.

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