A major accident was averted today after two aircrafts came face to face at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport.

An Indigo flight moving towards taxiway after landing at airport had a close call with SpiceJet flight which suddenly came in front for take off.The matter has been reported to Directorate General of Civil Aviation, an investigation has been ordered for the same.

It is learnt that the incident occurred at about 7:30 in the morning. The confusion ensued after Indigo flight no. 6E 769 (Pax-176) arrived from Lucknow and the departing flight SpiceJet SG- 123 came face-to-face. However, no damage occurred as it was promptly flagged.Subsequently, flight 6E 769 took off for Pune at about 7:45 am, while flight SG 123 departed for Hyderabad at about 10:11 am.“SpiceJet flight SG 123 operating Delhi-Hyderabad was following ATC instructions at all times at the Delhi airport. While taxiing, the SpiceJet crew observed another aircraft on the same taxiway in the opposite direction. Acting promptly, the SpiceJet crew immediately stopped the aircraft and intimated the ATC. Safety is of utmost and primary concern at SpiceJet. At no stage the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft was compromised. All concerned authorities were immediately informed,” said a SpiceJet spokesperson.
video:ABP news

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