Major D.P Singh Featured in an Inspiring Red Bull Video

Major D.P Singh whose leg was amputated in the Kargil War was featured in a Red Bull Video.

First, I put on my shoe then I put on my leg, and then I’m just running.

That’s Major D.P. Singh’s early morning routine. While most of us cite excuses such as body pain, stiff muscles and joint pains; for Major D.P. Singh, with just one working leg, running is a way of life.


Major D.P. Singh was posted on the frontline during the Kargil war. A grenade exploded right next to him and he had to be airlifted to the hospital. To save his life doctors had to amputate his right leg but they couldn’t amputate his courage or his never-say-die attitude. Not only did he manage to get back on his feet, literally, but now he helps other amputees to regain the same confidence and fighting spirit.

We caught up with India’s first blade runner and asked him what keeps him going. This is what he had to say:

After you had the mishap during the war and your leg had to be amputated, when did you first decide that you want to get back to running and not just be satisfied with being able to only walk ?

On the same day when the news of amputation was shared with me. Because I had decided that come what may, I won’t compromise on the quality of my life. And when I say, ‘quality of my life’, that includes running. Although, for next 10 years, I couldn’t run. Because for next 10 years, I was trying to find the ways and means to run with a walking leg; at that time I wasn’t wearing the blade. At that time, the longest running stint I did was 100 mt. and that too when intoxicated in the company of friends. *laughs*

Though, I did my first run in 2009.
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