MSNBC one of the leading american news channels sent a reporter to Punjab to do a special on Nihang Singhs.

Nihang Sikhs are a particular sect of Sikhism. They are essentially one of the last existing traditions of modern-day warriors. The word Nihang literally means crocodile. They describe themselves as the “Akaali,” which means undying or immortal army. They have dedicated their whole lives to defending their faith.

Known for their martial arts, sword-fighting abilities, military expertise and bold blue attire, their traditions have changed very little over the past 300 years.

They were initially established by the later Sikh Guru prophets to defend the defenseless (during this time huge amounts of Hindus were being decimated by the Mogul invaders), and to guard Sikh Gudwara temples.

See the Photo exhibition here: MSNBC Features Sikhs

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