Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a benevolent king. Even though the Government of Punjab was called Sarkar Khalsa but no laws were imposed on any of the minority or majority.


Sikhs at his time were about 15% of whole population, hindus around 25%, rest were Muslims. He governed the fourty years of his rule from Lahore with secular ideals.

He would fast with Mulsims during Ramadan and play Holi with Hindus., yet he would be at Amritsar almost every Month to do ishnaan.

How did this one-eyed Sikh warrior manage to bring together Punjabi Musalmans, Sikhs, Hindus and Pushtun Musalmans together in this one great Sikh-dominated state has a lot to do with his governance policies.

Incident involving Quran

It is said that a calligrapher tried to sell a beautifully copy of the Quran to Ranjit Singh’s Foreign Minister Fakir Azizuddin who wouldn’t buy it.

Ranjit Singh overheard the argument, took the Holy Quran, kissed it and bought it for a price in excess of what is being asked.

When asked why he replied “God gave me one eye – so that I could see all religions with the same eye”.

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