Maha Panchayat of Farmers Took Place in Haryana Under Call of Naresh Tikait

Today in Muzaffarnagar, on the invitation of the brother of farmer leader Chaudhary Rakesh Takait, a Maha panchayat of farmers took oath of salt and Ganga and said that five lakh people will go to the Delhi border and will return the law. It is said that the oath was taken before this in the 1857’s. This gathering was discussed all day today.

The event that infused energy into the Kisan movement:

After seeing the tears of Chaudhary Rakesh Takait, a caravan of thousands of trolleys left for Gazipur border – In the morning the administration stopped the electricity and water, Chaudhary Takait said that now if water comes in my village, I will drink and sit on the hunger strike.

He found out that local MLA stood with goons under the bridge to harm the supporters, refused to arrest and said ′′ shoot me here, us farmers and Sikh brothers. The government system is showing us as traitors but we want to tell them that there are sons of farmers on the border as well as in the fields.

We voted for the government but the government stabbed us in the back, now we will die or the bills will be cancelled .” Chaudhary Rakesh Tikait addressing the stage said that the government should stop scolding the Sardars, if something happens to them, I will commit suicide and he is proud that until there is no water from my village, I will sit on hunger strike today with water from their village. The crowd of Lakhs came to Gazipur border and they finished hunger strike by drinking water from their village.