A determined young boy Agam Dua from BRS Nagar, Ludhiana scored 90.6% on the class 12 CBSE exams despite having cerebral palsy. The young proved that physical limitations are just a small barrier because with determination and hard work such barriers can be broken.

The results of the CBSE exams were released by the Central Board of Secondary Education on Saturday which made the father of Agam very proud as he contributed immensely for preparation of Agam. He scored 95, 94, 93, 92 and 79 in business studies, accountancy, economics, computers and English, respectively.

Agam has a tremendous ability to remember things he has a strong interest in such as cricket and it’s being reported that he even remembers scores of hundreds of matches by heard and is known among his friends as the ‘walking cricket encyclopedia.’

Cerebral Palsy limits physical movement such as writing, driving, and related functions.

Agam’s father built tremendous confidence into him by displaying scores on posters to encourage him to do better and to focus on his goals.

Agam’s father told the Hindustan Times:

Agam’s father Raminder who is a businessman said, “My son is really good with maths, accounts and economics. I look forward to him when he will join me and take the business to new heights. I am not only proud of his achievements, but also of his go-getter attitude. He is truly a special child and I am blessed to have a son like him.” While reluctantly discussing about the limitations his son has to face, Raminder said Agam has been going for physiotherapy sessions every single day since the age of one.

Agam, especially thanked the efforts made by his class teacher Vikas Bembi. “Vikas sir always helped me and guided me. He wrote to CBSE to provide me one extra hour, as I can’t write fast. I was allowed an extra hour to complete my exams. The only difficulty I had to face was in drawing diagrams,” said a beaming Agam.

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