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Asian Connections was appalled by the closure of the Khalsa Diwan Society Gurdwara in Vancouver and waited awhile for our news media to speak to the Gurdwara about why a Gurdwara in our city has become the first Gurdwara in the world to close its doors to the Sangat.

Asian Connections doesn’t regularly cover news but when we expect our community news media to cover important issues that actually matter and they don’t we feel someone needs to step up and ask questions.

We have always spoken the truth and spoken out many times about issues that really matter.

Here is our segment highlighting the issues that we felt need to come to light and questions that needed to be answered. In the future we expect our many radio stations to speak about issues that matter!

Video via: Asian Connection Television:

Ross Street Gurdwara Exposed By Local Media by dailysikhupdates

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