Jay Sean was backstage before his performance at Wembley for the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi event, where he said: “As a Sikh, it’s very difficult for me to perform on this stage”. He further stated, “adding that most of you know me as Jay Sean but my real name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti. People used to look at my color and creed before they looked at my talent.”

The event that also have a cultural show featuring some of the best British-Indian artistes. The performers included 55 singers and 270 dancers. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed Indian diaspora at the iconic Wembley Stadium in London on Friday. He was joined on stage by his British counterpart David Cameron as well as other top dignitaries.

UK’s own Singer Jay Sean said he isn’t taking any money for performing for Indian PM Narendra Modi. He spoke to several news outlets before the start of his performances. He appeared to be very upbeat and excited to perform for the Indian PM.

However, Jay Sean backstage before performing at Wembley for Modi event told BBC : “As a Sikh, it’s very difficult for me to perform on this stage”

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