Sikh Parcharak from Gurmat Gian Missionary College Sarbjit Singh Dhunda condemned the decision of the Akal Takht over granting pardon to Dera Sauda Sadh.

Sarbjit Singh said, “I was shocked after I head politicians say on PTC that Sirsa Sadh didn’t have to appear at Akal Takht because he isn’t a Sikh. The event was a very big incident and saying there will be harmony is false because the other group isn’t wiling to associate with Sikhs. The politicians are doing this due to votes. ”

He further added, “I’m surprised at how Akal Takht has given a pardon a person who didn’t appear before the Akal Takht yet those who appear they expel.”

Sarbjit Singh Dhunda’s response was being very widely shared and agreed with by Sikhs on social media.

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