A combative Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned persistent Opposition fire on Monday, saying the Congress had no right to lecture his government on intolerance in the country because the party presided over the 1984 sikh massacre.

His scathing remarks, which drew sharp reactions from the rival party, came amid a snowballing anti-intolerance campaign in India with dozens of authors and artists returning prestigious awards and opposition leaders and intellectuals accusing the BJP-led government of stoking religious tensions as well as gagging dissenters.

“Today is November 2. Do you recall 1984?” he asked a large crowd at an election rally in Bihar ahead of the final day of polling. “Lakhs of Sikhs were massacred in Delhi and across India on the second, third and fourth day of Indira Gandhi’s killing in which serious allegations were made against Congress and its leaders.

Today, on the same day, the Congress party has the cheek to preach on intolerance… The tears in the eyes of the Sikh victims have not yet dried.”
video: ABP sanjha

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