Listen to This Humble Request By Sikh Kids (Video)

Sikh Kids of a Gatka group in Punjab make a humble (Benti) to worldwide Sikhs to support the morcha of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa. The morcha started to be widely supported after the 44th day and now today is day 53 and the morcha is getting stronger.

The recent comments by Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa point towards a very high acid build up in his stomach. One can’t imagine the pain and suffering Bhai Gurbaksh is facing right now. The acid eats walls of the stomach which then can cause ulcers to occur. Bhai Gurbaksh stated “Mere Andar Bhatti Baldi Hai”, he trying to say “I’m having extreme acid reflux” and symptoms of heartburn.

The acid can be controlled through a number of ways but due to not eating food there aren’t any other options, unless Bhai Gurbaksh drinks apple cider vinegar. The consequences of the high acid build up could lead to bleeding in the stomach.

Sikh kids request

Request by Young Sikh Kids by dailysikhupdates

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