A new shocking video of Shiromani Raagi Balbir Singh in which Raagi can be seen performing Kirtan of Gurbani at Ashutosh Dera. He can be seen bowing down to Ashutosh throughout the whole video. Raagi Sarbjit Singh in defense of Balbir Singh has stated the tabla player wasn’t present but it’ll be interesting to know who exactly played the Tabla.

Starting of the video Does Kirtan to impress Ashutosh

At 7:10nNotice how all of them and Liar Balbir Laugh at Gurbani!



At 5:44 He Bows to the feet of Ashutosh:


Moments later he says “Bless me Satguru Ji, I am a beggar at your door. It Doesn’t look good to keep asking, but Bless me. I am a beggar.”

Question here is: Why such a highly respected Raagi begging to a Dera Baba even if he didn’t know him?


At 7:17, he says a few lines of Gurbani and repeats the last part of “I’ve Found my Guru” and looks at Ashutosh


In the eyes of Balbir Singh, he’s looking at Ashutosh as his Guru and using lines from Gurbani to justify it throughout the whole video.

At around 8 Minutes: It’s revealed that Balbir knew who Ashutosh was and wanted to meet him for 1 year. A person who accompanied Balbir Singh stated to Ashutosh that “Balbir Singh wanted to meet you for a year.”

Balbir Singh then responds and says “Maharaj, you’ve made me desperate to meet you.”

Now, Balbir’s claim that this meeting was the first time he knew of Ashutosh is completely false because he confirmed that he’s been wanting to meet him for over a year and says he’s been desperate to meet him.


At 8:25 Balbir Says to Ashutosh that his “assistant was the first to give knowledge about (Ashutosh) You” So this confirms that Balbir knew of Ashutosh well in advance of meeting him. 


At 9:57 Balbir Says to Ashutosh, “I Have Met Naryan After Meeting You”


In the entire video, Balbir Singh uses Gurbani to compare Ashutosh as a supreme being which in itself is an insult and sacrilege of Gurbani and Sikh Gurus.

Balbir Singh can be seen sitting at the feet of Ashutosh with his hands folded in front of him and doing Arth of Gurbani also . Its notable that raagi Balbir Singh claimed about his video with Ashutosh Noormehlia which was viral on social media is deep conspiracy against him.

Raagi Sarbjit Singh spoke in defense of Bhai Balbir Singh saying he had no clue who he was meeting. He further stated that if either his Tabla player or assistant were with him that they would’ve made him aware of Ashutosh. Sarbjit Singh also termed the incident a “Conspiracy” to defame Bhai Balbir Singh.

11 minutes video of raagi balbir singh doing… by punjabspectrum

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