Controversial Radio Host of Radio Virsa Harnek Singh stated on a phone conversation where he was formulating a plan on banning Nitnem Banis and a larger ten year plan to eradicate Sikh institutions. He stated that the plan needs to start with the Akal Takht which can take 10 years and then working towards changing the maryada and accepted Banis of Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

The radio host is a Missionary follower that is against the Dasam Granth and openly speaks out about it. The guest on the show can be heard saying that he hasn’t ever done Katha of Sri Jaap Sahib and Swaiyee and alluded that he doesn’t believe in them.

The host goes onto say that if they took a stand of condemning the Nitnem Banis that even Missionary colleges would go against them. He talked about focusing on a long term plan to eradicate the Nitnem Banis and dividing Sikhs.

An excerpt of the conversation and Full 22 Minute Conversation Below:

Controversial Comments on Radio by dailysikhupdates

Full Video:

Harpreet Singh Makhu Full Audio by dailysikhupdates

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