Lawsuit Against Canadian Police Over ‘Forceful’ Turban Removal

A case filed at the British Columbia Supreme Court by the lawyers of Kanwaljit Singh allege that an RCMP officer forcefully removed his turban two years ago for an unknown reason.

The man alleges that several police officers were trying to arrest him and one of them allegedly ripped his turban off of his head.

The case names the officer as Sgt. Brian Blair who after ripping off the turban threw it at a booking desk.

The case further states that unknown officers grabbed him by the hair which opened his top knot.

In the case Singh says he is a sincere Sikh who wears a turban as a feature of his religious practice and a center piece of his personality. He professes to have endured damage to his poise, loss of sense of pride, humiliation, stress and tension. He’s looking for harms and an announcement that his rights were broken. Singh moved to Canada in 2006, as indicated by the case.

It’s unknown what he was captured for or whether he was charged. His legal advisor would just say that data was “unimportant” to the treatment Singh got.

“The offended party was exposed to negative and differential treatment by workers, hirelings or operators of the respondents based on his race, ethnic cause as well as religion,” the claim asserts.

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