A video just before the death of the Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh has surfaced on social media. The Baba can be seen getting in the black Mercedes Benz car in Montreal. The Baba and his Son in law died in a car accident on the Montreal Highway. Reports indicated the SUV was travelling well above the speed limit.

Last video of baba by dailysikhupdates

Baba Hardev Singh, spiritual head of Nirankari Mission, died in a road accident in Montreal, Canada, an official of the organization said in Delhi on Friday.

The Baba is the son of Gurbachan Singh responsible for the deaths of 13 Singhs from the Akhand Kirtani Jatha.

Kripasagar, press and publicity incharge of the mission, said they were deeply saddened by the news Baba Hardev Singh’s death. He was 62.

“It was sudden and sad news for us,” Kripasagar told Indo-Asian News Service.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh and BJP President Amit Shah were among many who expressed their condolences.

A News agency has claimed to have the video of the Nirankari Baba’s accident video. The site published the video claiming to be of the accident. Sources haven’t verified the video as being authentic but it was being very widely shared on social media. Reports indicate the video to have received well over 100,000 views after being published by the CityVideo24 site. The site broke the video on Saturday morning and it’s gone viral on social media.

The video is still unofficial until authentic sources confirm it.

Nirankari baba Accident by dailysikhupdates

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