Gurbakh Singh committed suicide near his native village Thaska Ali, Haryana after jumping off of a water tank. Gurbaksh went up the water tank protesting for release of various Sikh prisoners lodged in jail.

Gurbaksh was presented the ‘siropa’ by a family of a prisoner held in jail earlier in the afternoon. The local SP confirmed the incident and that he was taken to Lok Naik Jai Prakash Civil Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The district authorities have put police on alert as Sikh sympathisers of Gurbaksh gathered near the hospital.

Here is the final phone call between him and person from Belgium:

Here are details of the final phone of Gurbaksh Singh:

Akaal Channel reported the same:

Here is a video report:

Son of Gurbaksh Singh issued the following statement:

“Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa( my father) has sacrificed his life for Sikh political prisoner release movement. It is up to leaders of Sikh community now to take the movement further and talk to Government of India to negotiate the release of Sikh political prisoners. The families of Sikh political prisoners have suffered immensely for many years and always stood strongly with Bhai Gurbaksh Singh . It is now time that leaders of Sikh religious and political parties come together to approach Government of India for the release of Sikh political prisoners so that their families can move on with their lives.”

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