A communal clash occurred between Sikhs and Muslims in a Haryana village of Shahabad. The conflict between the two groups has reached a violent stage the last 3 days according to Akaal Channel reports.

The conflict resulted in violence due to land dispute among the two groups.

The matter was in the courts and the verdict came out few days ago.

The court gave the verdict to the Muslim groups and the Sikhs were willing to hand over the land. The Sikhs had planted their crops on the field and wished to harvest the crops before handing the land over to the Muslim group.

The plans of the Muslims was to build a cemetery on the land.

Akaal Channel reports have indicated that violence erupted during heated discussions between the two sides.

Three Muslims have been reported to have died while 1 Sikh is in critical condition.

The two sides rioted against each other and threw stones where over 100 people have been reported to have been injured.

Various Sikh leaders are having discussions to calm the situation in front of the police.

Winner Singh of Akaal Channel contributed to reporting on this news.

Here is the source of the reports:

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