A news story has gone viral showing a doctor’s analysis providing evidence of Delhi street food containing human waste.

Via: India Tv

New Delhi: This news will really break the hearts of street food lovers, but health comes first, so here it goes… The golgappa or crispy tikki or the spicy momos you enjoyed the last time may have been shit laced. Take that!


Yes! The street food in Delhi has come under government and media’s scanner and the latest update is that the street food in Delhi apart from being unhygienic such street food also high levels of faecal matter.

As per a report by India Today – a study was conducted by doctors of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition in Delhi, which has revealed that the street food being served in all the corners of the capital has faecal matter contamination, with a bacteria called E. coli found in high doses in the food.


While talking to the leading daily, Dr Arpita Sharma of IHM has said, “For microbial analysis, five street and five franchisee food products were taken from the most popular shops. We collected food samples (samosa, golgappa, burger and momos) twice from the street shops and franchisee outlets at a one-month interval.”

The study has also revealed that the contamination has occurred due the dirty water and unhygienic conditions of the place where the food is cooked.

E. coli bacteria as known could lead to many diseases, like typhoid and cholera.

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