Kumar Vishwas Calls Sikhs Hindu in Speech

Another speech of Kumar Vishwas has surfaced which shows him calling Sikhs “Hindu”. In the speech he said, “The popular saying should be Hindu, Muslims, and Christians are brothers instead of adding Sikhs in the mix because Sikhs are part of Hindu as a real brother.”

He stated, “when Hindu religion was in trouble than Sikhs were given a turban and a sword to fight the invaders.” The statement by Kumar Vishwas is a clear attack on the Sikh faith as he doesn’t even recognize Sikhs as having their own religion, but instead states that Sikhism is part of Hinduism.

He isn’t well informed because there are drastic differences between the two faiths and Sikhism wasn’t only founded to fight the invaders.

Kumar Vishwas Says Sikhs are Hindu by dailysikhupdates

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