Kumar Vishvas has apologized indirectly for his comments regarding Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale on National Tv. He did not name Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale but apologized indirectly.

He said he respects all religions and their Saints and warriors. According to some sorrces, a written complaint against Kumar Vishvas has given to Ludhiana DC by Sikh Sangat. Its notable that A short video of Indian news channel where Aam Aadmi leader Kumar Vishvas making comments against Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale has gone viral on social networks. Kumar called Sant Bhindranwale an agent of Indira Gandhi who overturned on her.

The comments sparked negativity toward Vishwas on social media for the last 2 days. Sikhs in large numbers asked Vishwas to take his comments back and pledged to not support the Aam Aadmi Party due to his continuous comments against the Sikh community.

The first round of protests took place in Punjab where an effigy of Vishwas was burnt.

Kumar Visvas uploaded video on facebook and also wrote:
This is for all you friends. I have always maintained that I have respect for all the religions and I value all the religious leaders,Saints,Warriors who have ever fought for equality and humanity. If anyone ever feels that anything from my side has hurt their sentiments, I do apologise for it. At the same time, I would like to add here, that such edited and out of context videos have been circulated with malicious intent in the past also. There are certain power centers that wish to dent our mission of clean politics and corruption free India. This time, they are circulating such clips to hinder our campaign of drugs-free and corruption-free Punjab. But I hope that you friends are with me in this long battle for new Punjab. Repeating myself, if any of my words has hurt your sentiments, I apologise from my heart. Sri Wahe Guru Ji Da Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Di Fateh!
Jai Hind!


Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all, I would mention that I have equal respect for all religions and religious leaders, and in case the edited video has hurt the sentiment of anyone, I have no hesitation in apologizing.

Further, it has to be added that the said video comes from a long TV debate of 2013, which was live on air. The video has been edited inappropriately, and has been presented out of the preceding context, which also shows the malicious intent of some people. The day we started looking forward towards drugs and corruption free Punjab, such malafide videos and allegations have started surfacing without context as seen on several previous instances.

But here I would like to affirm that our mission of clean politics and drugs-free, corruption-free Punjab remains standing. I hope that you shall have the same dream about Punjab and work together for the same.

Wahe Guru Ji Da Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji Di Fateh

Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Kumar Vishvas Issues Apology by dailysikhupdates

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