Punjabi singer KS Makhan has found himself in a fresh controversy. The singer who is not a stranger to being in the news or controversy as he had earlier in his career been accused in a number of cases and faced a lengthy jail sentence, but claimed to have turned his life around.

Since taking Amrit he has raised his profile in a more positive manner and has also continued with his music career.
Just a few weeks earlier he had responded to Kumar Vishwas s song against the drug problem facing the people of Punjab.

But now in a completely different setting, during a live show he was seen singing a past obscene song and was requesting the pleasure of females to dance from the crowd whilst he danced on stage. Many people are saying he is being his old self and is being disrespectful whereas others are saying it is acceptable because this is his profession.

Makhan Boliyan Pavaunda by desi_ent

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