Many of us know that Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj had 4 Satkaryog (respected) sons, but Guru Sahib says himself that he has 5. He even said and showed that he loved this fifth son more than his other four.

Recorded at Gurdwara Singh Sabha Taigum Brisbane, Australia, 27th January 2016.

Bhai Sukha Singh reveals the fifth son of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is the Khalsa. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji has written this in Sri Sarbloh Granth.

Also, in the Kalgidhar Chamatkar of Bhai Vir Singh, it’s written that Sri Guru Gobind Singh’s 5th son is the Khalsa he’s created which is also his most beloved. For the sake of the Khalsa, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s 4 sons sacrificed themselves.

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