This is How You Know Sikh Scriptures Are Authentic

in our Anti Conversion series – #ArmYourselfWithKnowledge on how to deal with preachers from other faiths.
This video looks at how Guru checked and approved the Gurbani their self. Unlike other religions has their scriptures written many years after their leaders/prophets had passed on.

“The Sikh scripture, Guru Granth Sahib, contains authentic Gurbani from Saints of diverse religious origins.

The Gurus also rejected many writings alleged to be of the same Saints because they did not meet the criteria to be worshipped as Gurbani. They included all Gurbani they could find, regardless of its cultural or religious origin.

Though the Sikhs are the custodians of Gurbani, the Gurus addressed it to people of all faiths. Unlike some religious writings, Gurbani is not a history or prediction, related to some nation, etc.

It is God’s truth written in verse. It is for everyone. God put you in your religion for a special purpose. You do not need to convert in order to enjoy, understand, and take advantage of the Sikh Gurus’ teachings. For example, anyone can learn to be always mentally aware of a unity (God) being present inside everyone.”

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