Kisans Break World Record With Largest Flag in History 5,000M Length at Ghazipur Border

The Kisan Morcha takes a new turn at Ghazipur Border after Rakesh Singh Tikait’s historical speech last week. Rakesh Tikait was ready to be arrested by the UP Police but after he saw that there were about 300 people led by BJP politician ready to beat the 300 or so farmers, he became unhappy.

He stated that he will not allow his farmers to be beaten by a politician and told the police to leave the stage.

In his speech, he stated that the Sikh people were defamed nationally and he will not let that happen further.

Since the historic day, the farmers have increased at all three border sites and refused to turn back until the farm laws are repealed.

At the Ghazipur border site, farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and UP broke the world record by marching with the largest flag in the history of the world ever made. The Indian flag which has a length of 5,000 meters was carried by hundreds of people towards the Ghazipur border.

On both sides of the flag, people marched with the Indian flags of their own either in their hands or mounted on their vehicles.

Currently, the Guinness World Record book has the largest flag in the history was displayed at the Ski Demski Sky Dome in the United States with a measurement of 500×225.

The Indian Flag marched by the farmers is 65 times bigger than the Ski Demski Flag shattering the world record.

Pictures by Hardy Khaira Instagram