Kirpan Wearing Sikhs Stopped at Gates of Pak Vs India Match

The concern among Sikhs leading up to the Cricket Match between India and Pakistan was whether Kirpan wearing Sikhs would be allowed to enter the Adelaide Cricket Ground.


The issue became a security concern for the officers as they weren’t trained to deal with the issue in the past. The Amritdhari Sikhs came to the stadium complex and were stopped due to the Kirpan. A security officer stated that no knives were allowed.

However, the Sikhs came prepared and gave a booklet and explanation that the Kirpan is a religious article of faith and must be worn at all times.

The officer immediately took the issue to senior officers and they decided to allow the Sikhs in. Australia has a PR concern to deal with along with security issues and so the authorities didn’t want to seem racist and arrived at a simple solution.

The solution was to tell the Sikhs to not let anyone know about the Kirpan they are wearing. The Sikhs understood the logic from the officer and agreed with the advice. The authorities didn’t want to infringe on the religious rights of the Sikhs and so came to a conclusion to allow the Sikhs only if they didn’t show them in public.

The Sikhs were happy to watch Pak vs India Match live in Australia for the World Cup 2015

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