I was coming back to home from Gurudwara Singh Shaheedan, Sohana situated in Sector 78, Mohali, suddenly some ladies sitting in a Maruti car and a male driver stop by me and started asking about someone.


These ladies tried to indulge me in their talks but I doubted them so I continued my walk. Within a moment two ladies came out from the car and they forcefully put me into the car. After which I shouted as well, but nobody heard my voice as the glasses of the car were closed.

Afterwards the ladies started assaulting me in the car, also tried to remove my gold ear rings from my ears, as my head was covered properly Dupatta (Head Gear), they failed to remove the ear rings. When I felt that it is turning bad I took out my Kirpan (Sword) and tried to hit them with it, so that somehow I may get rid of them.

Seeing the Kirpan in my hand those ladies got afraid and after some meters away the car was stopped near stadium and they dropped me down and ran away from the spot. Later I found that four gold bangles which I was wearing in both hands were gone and when I reached home I shared the incident with my family, they all were shocked. My elder son Jatinder Sabharwal immediately reported the incident to senior police officers.

The Kirpan which was given to me by my Guru, saved my life.

– Kuldeep Kaur
Via: Sikhfeed

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